Systems Engineering Advice | Technical Project Management
Systems Engineering Advice

We also help clients to help themselves develop complex systems across a range of industries through advice and mentoring:
  • As systems and aerospace engineering adviser for the development of an Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) concept demonstration capability.
  • As adviser to the design partner for development of a state-wide Government Integrated Network Infrastructure (GINI) under the Victorian State Governmentís Telecommunications Purchasing and Management Strategy (TPAMS).
  • As a member of the Australian Defence Departmentís Integrated Project Team for tactical information exchange architectures and standards.
  • As mentor to the Coastwatch arm of the Australian Customs Service for development of the next-generation surveillance capability covering all Australian coastlines, offshore territories and oceans from the Timor Gap to Antarctica.
Technical Project Management

Zuni sounding rocket being launched at the Woomera rocket range in South Australia (image courtesy Australian Space Research Institute - We also have hands-on skills in the conduct of complex projects, both in the civil aerospace and military sectors:
  • As project management and systems engineering facilitator to the Australian Department of Defence for the development of a new capability to calculate guided weapon danger areas / safety templates based on probabilistic failure analysis.
  • As manager and engineering adviser to the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation's Network-Enabled Research for Vehicle Autonomy and Network Applications (NERVANA) UAV research program.
  • As in-country manager of the launch of a high-altitude sounding rocket from the Woomera Rocket Range in South Australia under contract to a British space technology company.