Complex System Concepts | System Development Processes
Complex System Concepts

Denel G6 self-propelled 155mm howitzer (image courtesy Army Technology -

Aerospace Concepts' core business is concepts for development or application of complex systems. Our work in this area spans a variety of large-scale complex projects; for example:

  • Characterisation of potential combat identification technologies and determination of the impact of combat identification technology introduction into the Australian Army.
  • Needs identification for the integration of sensor and indirect-fire weapon systems into the Australian Army's Future Offensive Support System (AFOSS).
  • Assessment of the readiness of the Australian Defence Force to implement network-centric warfighting concepts.
  • Development of candidate operational concepts, and evaluation of off-the-shelf systems, for command and control of next-generation Australian Army weapon systems.
  • Needs and suitability analysis for the command and control systems to be fitted to the Australian Army's new M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks.
  • Information exchange analysis aviabroker for the future Australian Army surface-to-air missile capability.
System Development Processes

A corporate product development process integrating engineering with marketing, sales and after-sales support

Our expertise extends to helping clients create processes to develop complex systems:

  • Creation of the engineering development process for a major specialist telecommunications service provider focusing on the four Systems Engineering disciplines of requirements management, configuration management, risk management and review.
  • Determination of a system assurance process for a software-centric capability to calculate guided weapon danger areas / safety templates based on probabilistic failure analysis.
  • In collaboration with others, redevelopment of the Australian Defence Materiel Organisationís structured project management method (PMMv2) to simplify processes and better integrate the wide range of technical and managerial disciplines in complex acquisition projects.
  • Leading the ongoing development of the space system development process for the Australian Space Research Institute. The ASRI Project System is currently being used to develop a liquid-fuelled rocket and a microsatellite.