History | Core Business | Partnering

Aerospace Concepts Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian-owned consultancy based in Canberra and operating in most Australian major cities. The company was established some years ago to provide concept development consulting services to clients in the aerospace, information technology and telecommunications sectors.

Over the past few years the company has firmly established its ability to undertake complex, demanding concept development tasks. Most contracts held by the company have been awarded sole-source based on reputation.

Core Business

Aerospace Concepts' business focuses on the conceptual development aspects of major technology projects in large and small business and in government. Our capabilities include:

  • Development of complex-system concepts for, and in cooperation with, clients;
  • Mentoring of client systems engineering activities, including operational concept and specification development;
  • Creation of systems engineering-based processes for product development and large-scale complex system acquisition;
  • Research and development in the systems sciences field focusing on adaptivity and systems-of-systems design and analysis;
  • Management of complex technology projects;
  • Market and technology analysis for both acquirers and sellers of complex technical systems; and
  • Development and provision of training in complex system analysis and aerospace technology.

Aerospace Concepts maintains skills in a range of key disciplines related to systems engineering but also takes advantage of a number of key partner relationships to access expertise in areas ranging from aerostructures design to Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and software development through to contracting and tendering. These partner relationships allow Aerospace Concepts to tackle complex, multi-disciplinary assignments in a cost-effective manner.