Aerospace Technology | Military Technology | Complex Systems Analysis Skills
Aerospace Technology

Aerospace Concepts provides training in aerospace systems technology to a range of clients.

This has included the flight mechanics, flight control and aerospace propulsion systems elements of the Royal Australian Air Force's Aircraft Integrated Systems Course with workshops on missile aerodynamics, aircraft performance, gas turbine analysis and rocket motor key performance drivers.

All courseware is developed in-house by our qualified and experienced subject-matter specialists and is able to be tailored to meet client needs. We are able to develop and deliver training on a range of modern technologies.

Military Technology

Graduates of Defence Technology & Management Course #1

Aerospace Concepts, as part of a team led by Adelaide and UAE-based Specialist Training Australia (STA), delivers elements of the Defence Technology & Management Course (DTMC) for the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Other team members include the University of South Australia, KBR Australia and the UAE Centre of Excellence for Applied Research & Training.

The DTMC incorporates a range of practical exercises, demonstrations and case studies to reinforce the theory and is aimed to develop and enhance participantís knowledge and analytical skills relevant to contemporary military technology and associated management techniques.

Aerospace Concepts teaches the two-week Firepower Systems module and conducts the end-of-course Exercise SYSTEMS-OF-SYSTEMS which aims to integrate and test the knowledge gained throughout the course.

Complex Systems Analysis Skills

The company also delivers, on an occasional basis, a one-week complex systems analysis short course to Defence scientist and engineers focusing on guided weapons. This course covers:

  • guidance
  • stability and control
  • fuzing
  • warheads
  • propulsion, and
  • avionics

This course culminates in a whole-of-system analysis of a real missile system using the skills developed in the technology-specific modules.